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Diversify to protect your portfolio 2 Comments Read more »

Diversify to protect your portfolio

I’m sure you have heard this saying many times – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Diversification can help protect your portfolio in a volatile market, which is done by spreading money among different investments to reduce risk. There are many different ways…

Income Splitting to Reduce Your Tax Bill Comments Off Read more »

Income Splitting to Reduce Your Tax Bill

No one enjoys paying taxes. Under our current Federal tax set-up, the higher your income, the more income tax you pay on each incremental dollar earned. If you are able to spread income among family members who are taxed at lower marginal rates, you may…

Understanding leverage 4 Comments Read more »

Understanding leverage

So, what is leverage, you ask? The term leverage means to borrow money to invest – the multiplying effect from investing this debt is called “leverage”. But, as with anything that increases your ability to earn gains, there’s a potential opposite effect… It can amplify…

Freedom 62? 1 Comment Read more »

Freedom 62?

Some baby boomers are being forced to postpone retirement because of recession, suggests a recent survey. The Conference Board of Canada says their survey of retirement intentions taken in January, shows one-third of the baby boomers surveyed, and 21% of respondents overall, say they have…

Charitable donations & tax credit Comments Off Read more »

Charitable donations & tax credit

What tax credit is available for a charitable donation? Charitable donations will usually qualify for a tax credit, provided the money is given to a Canadian registered charity, or other qualified donee. The basic federal tax credit for donations to a registered Canadian charity is…

Investment vs. Speculation Comments Off Read more »

Investment vs. Speculation

A great many people confuse speculation with investing.  By definition, an investment is something that you believe will benefit you in the long run.  You think it has value, and you wish to be a part of what makes it valuable.  For example, you may…

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